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Our pilot car service offers competitive rates each oversize load is unique. Rates are based on the complexity of the load, whether a route survey is required of us, or a high pole service to name just a few of the different factors that come into play.  Please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Lead/Chase: $1.45 per/mile

High pole: $1.55 per/mile

Route Surveys: $1.55 per/actual mile.

Steer : $1.65 Per/mile

Wait time (hourly): $15.00 per/hour
(1st 2-hrs., NO CHARGE!)

Day Downtime: $150.00 per day + motel

Emergency Traffic Control: $20.00 per/hour

Mini-Runs (less than 100 mi. : $175.00

Hi Pole Mini-Run:  $200.00 (less than 100 mi.)

Day Rate (150-250 miles per/day):
          $350.00 Chase
          $425 High Pole

"No-Go" - Regular Car : $150.00
"No-Go" - High Pole : $175.00

Slow/Superload (tag car): $400 per/day minimum + motel (tag car)

Slow/Superload (highpole): $450 per/day minimum + motel

Deadhead: $.50 per/mile   
           (no charge if load miles exceed deadhead miles)
Motel: $70.00 per/night  
          **Extra charge for motels on loads going over 500 miles on delivery after 3p.m. Winter/after 5p.m. Summer; unless backloaded

Mobile Homes/Modular Units: $1.45 per mile

Continuous move/Security loads: $1.50 per/mile
Backloads:  WELCOMED!