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Ensuring Oversize Loads Get To Destinations Safely

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Carefully Escorting Oversize Loads

If you need assistance ensuring your oversize load get where it needs to go safely and efficiently, consider our escorting services. Our skilled drivers at 1st Class Pilot Car comply with all state regulations. In addition to escorting, we provide route surveys and lead, chase vehicle services, high pole and steermen services.

 Wide Load Service

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About Us 

You can feel at ease when 1st Class Pilot Car is escorting oversize loads for you. Headquartered in Benton, Arkansas, we offer pilot car services nationwide. With more than 10 years of experience in traffic control and escorting oversize loads, we founded our company to better serve you.

Our goal is to offer you a more safety-oriented pilot car to keep your team, drivers, and passersby safe on the road. To accomplish this, our agents follow best practice guidelines and we are the only company that requires a federal Flagger certification.

In addition, all of our drivers are certified and trained to maneuver wide-ranging traffic control situations. For your peace of mind, we carry a $1 million insurance policy, in addition to our $1 million professional liability coverage.


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